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Mardan Fabrication Prefabricated Building

Mardan Fabrication, Inc. is a manufacturer of prefabricated buildings – aluminum prefabricated buildings, booths, & shelters. Being committed to quality & excellence, we use only the highest quality materials for our construction. MFI prefab buildings are manufactured in our standard white prefinished aluminum. Our prefab aluminum buildings require minimal maintenance and have a gainful use of over 20 years. Located in Harrison Township, Michigan, Mardan has the ability to ship our prefabricated buildings worldwide. With an extensive line of standard booths, we should have a design that will work for your specific project. We fabricate all types of aluminum booths, including parking booths, guard booths, guard shacks, toll booths, ticket booths, valet booths, kiosks, mobile elevated trailer booths, elevated platform or stand mounted booths, bus shelters, pay station shelters, & transit shelters. Mardan Fabrication also has a service writer booth that is designed specifically for automobile dealership applications.

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Mardan Fabrication Prefab Building

We can customize your prefabricated aluminum booth or shelter from an extensive list of options that are available to you. Just give us your desired prefabricated building design and through prompt, courteous service, the advice of experience and use of AUTOCAD drawings, we will make your concept a reality. Mardan Fabrication also has the ability of procuring professional engineered drawings for booth projects in the U.S and many provinces in Canada. In the end, Mardan Fabrication is the obvious choice for you.

Mardan Fabrication uses prefinished white aluminum construction for their booths, prefab buildings and shelters. There are many benefits to using the prefinished aluminum construction. Mardan Fabrication has an aluminum booth design that is built to meet the high velocity hurricane zone wind requirements in the state of Florida. Naturally, aluminum generates a protective oxide coating, which means no painting is necessary. The use of aluminum construction is beneficial in coastal regions as the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or deteriorate under high salt conditions. The aluminum material retains his structural integrity even at low temperature conditions meaning that it’s the best choice for colder climates. The aluminum construction is easy to clean & maintain. Also because of the weight of the aluminum construction, the prefabricated buildings, booths, & shelters are able to be transported quite easily and have the ability for multiple applications.

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Florida Approved

Includes Miami-Dade and Broward County high velocity hurricane zones

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