Delivery & Installation

prefab building delivery
Mardan guard booths and shelters are shipped pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-finished, with ease of installation integral to design. The units are designed to be installed on a flat and level concrete pad. Off-load with a forklift, remove the dunnage and set in place over the stub-ups/rough-ins. (For units with a built in floor, a cut-out is provided to accommodate the rough-ins – pay special attention to the size and location on the drawings when preparing the slab – it will save time and avoid extra work when installing the booth or shelter.) No embeds in the concrete are required. Once the booth is set in place, make sure all doors operate smoothly (shim the booth if necessary), then anchor with wedge- type expansion bolts at the anchor points provided. Fill any gaps between the bottom of the booth and the concrete with a butyl-type sealant, and caulk around the entire perimeter. Connect to incoming electrical service.