Guard Booth with Sliding Door

Guard Booth with Swing Door

When designing a guard booth, security booth, guard house, parking booth, ticket booth or even control booth, you need to consider the location in which it is being installed. It can be located in a drive lane with incoming cars or if it’s on a large concrete pad with a lot of space. Usually when locating a guard booth or security booth on a drive lane, the sliding door is the best option. The reason for this is so that when opening and closing the door, it doesn’t open into the drive lane which might create an issue. The swing door is usually chosen on a guard booth when there are no obstructions from a drive lane or other items that might cause the door to not open properly. Either way, Mardan Fabrication guard booths, security booths, guard houses, parking booths, ticket booths or control booths can be customized to accommodate either type of door.