Control Booth

Mardan Fabrication designs and manufactures the highest quality aluminum control booths available today. Mardan’s solid and corrosion resistant aluminum constructions help our control booths withstand physical abuse and harsh weather. Control booth applications include process control pulpits, dredge and crusher cabs or industrial loading racks and loading dock. A control booth’s windows can be glazed with impact resistant plastic glazing and can also be sloped for downward viewing of operations. Sound dampening options in control booth are available to reduce damaging noise levels. Electrical options in control booth units include heating and
cooling, hazardous location electrical devices, data and phone preps, additional outlets and more.

Mardan Fabrication’s control booths not only shelter security officers for a visitor or truck gate, but can also shelter operators overseeing a line operation or loading rack; or can house machinery, equipment industrial or inventory. Mardan Fabrication prefabricated aluminum control booths withstand adversity and remain looking good for a long time with little maintenance. Mardan Fabrication’s aluminum construction and highly durable materials are your perfect solution for long-lasting control booths in abusive industrial settings.