Guard Booth Photos – Submitted by our Customers

The following prefabricated portable guard booth, security booth, parking booth and ticket booth photos are submitted by our customers

This customer needed portable toll booths for their famous Atlantic coast beaches and purchased over 25 of these 3’ x 5’ booths. This is a prefabricated aluminum booth built on wooden skids for mobility. The aluminum booths were fabricated with aluminum counters and blue/green sliding windows. These booths were all positioned on the sand at different locations on the beach to act as a cashier booth for cars to drive on the beach. These prefabricated aluminum booths are extremely light which enables them to be moved easily.

Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 2 located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida needed an ADA compliant aluminum security booth with restroom. This 6’-6” x 16’-0” booth has HVAC in both the office and restroom portion. The restroom portion is a fully functional ADA compliant restroom. The restroom fixtures are supplied with the booth and the contractor installs them on site. They needed to have a booth that wouldn’t rust or deteriorate being that the booth would be located so close to the ocean. That is why the prefabricated aluminum booth was the perfect solution for them.

New York Power Authority had a special circumstance with their final installation site. In addition to tight overhead clearance, they had only 36” in width to install the new prefabricated aluminum security booth. The aluminum booth that they purchased from Mardan Fabrication is only 34” wide. This includes a custom outward swinging window that was specially designed for their unique needs. This prefabricated aluminum parking booth also has HVAC and an additional sliding window opposite the door so the security guard has easy access to both lanes.

Best Deal Car Service located in Bronx, New York needed a valet booth that would stick out to customers. So they decided to purchase our prefabricated aluminum valet booth. They upgraded the booth by having the exterior painted and also added our standing seam metal roof. This booth is 3’ x 3’. They were able to also add branding to the booth with stickers that adhere to the aluminum material. This booth has the standard electrical package, HVAC, tinted tempered safety glass & workspace for the valet attendant.

This Yacht company needed a small ticket booth for their water taxi. Seeing as how this would be installed on the dock, the prefabricated aluminum ticket booth was the answer. The aluminum material will not rust or deteriorate in the highly volatile salt conditions of the ocean. This booth came standard with clear tempered safety glass, wall mounted a/c unit, 3” overhang with 8” high fascia, sliding door, & standard electrical package. The aluminum booth also allows for wrapping to be put on the booth so this yacht company was able to brand the booth how they wanted.

Manheim Auto Auction in Lakeland, Florida needed to replace a burned guard house. They contacted Mardan Fabrication and we supplied them with this beauty. This is our Vista Series prefabricated aluminum booth that is 4’-8” x 10’-0”. This aluminum booth was painted two colors to match the main buildings color scheme. This beautiful paint job is an option for any aluminum booth. The booth came manufactured with two sliding aluminum doors, Low E insulated glass, standard electrical package, HVAC, & interior counter.