For the month of May, we wanted to showcase this particular customized supervisor booth. Mardan Fabrication was contacted by Valero Renewables to provide a custom style booth that would allow for a supervisor to look down upon trucks entering and exiting the LNG facility. The booth was going to be up in the air on a platform and would require a non-obstructed view. They decided to go with our Vista View booth which has our butt-glazed corners. This was even more customized because they requested not to have the vertical framing members across the glass creating even more of a clear view. This particular supervisor booth was 6′-0″ x 8′-0″. It was manufactured out of our heavy-duty white aluminum construction and also included was an aluminum treadplate floor and dual pane insulated glass. This location is in a colder climate which required the insulated glass as well as the insulated walls. Valero decided to wire the booth with its own electrical system onsite.