Guard Booth Videos

Watch our guard booth, security booth, guard house, ticket booth and control booth videos. Those guard house videos show how our prefab guard booths, prefab guard houses and prefab security booths are manufactured and pre-assembled in the Mardan Fabrication’s factory, and off-loaded, and installed at the destination.

A Mardan guard booth, also known as guard house, security booth, prefab guard booth, prefab security booth, portable guard booth or portable security booth provides shelters and comfort for your security officers or employees.

Guard Booth Video

Mardan Fabrication offers the safest, most appealing and durable aluminum guard booths, guard houses and security booths. All Mardan prefab guard booths are built to meet or exceed applicable building codes, and meet customer security needs. Furthermore, Mardan prefab security booths can be built to meet high velocity Hurricane wind requirements. For customer convenience Mardan guard booths are all factory-assembled. Mardan Fabrication uses pre-finished white aluminum to build guard booths, guard houses, security booths, parking booths and guard shelters. The use of aluminum construction is extremely beneficial in coastal and marine regions as the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the humid and salty conditions. Our highly skilled craftsmen assemble guard booths, guard houses and security booths to your order. As standard equipment, Mardan guard booths or security booths include NEC compliant electric systems. When the guard houses are shipped from the Mardan factory, the guard booths are loaded on a flatbed truck allowing for a forklift to get underneath the portable guard booth and offload it from the truck. Mardan guard booths, guard houses or security booths can be built to reflect site architecture or to accentuate the character of your facilities. This beautiful Mardan guard house is built to withstand all adverse weather all while looking good.

Watch this Mardan Fabrication official guard booth video to learn more about Mardan guard booths, also known as guard houses, security booths, prefab guard booths, prefab security booths, prefab security booths and portable security booths.

Mardan Fabrication Guard Booth Video

Guard Booth Off-loading Video