Guard Booth with Restroom

A guard booth, also known as a security booth, a security guard house or even prefab guard shack, is often located quite far away from the sanitary facility of the gated community, park, school or commercial building it serves. For that reason, it’s advantageous to equip the guard booth with a restroom in order to provide a high degree of comfort and convenience for the security officers. For this reason, Mardan Fabrication offers a guard booth with built-in restroom. In fact, many state building codes require that factory-assembled buildings include restroom features, particularly if the guard booth is located more than 500 feet from the closest serviceable restroom. In addition, a code compliant Mardan Fabrication guard booth with restroom will also meet the accessibility requirements of the ADA (Americans Disabilities Act).

A guard booth with restroom from Mardan typically includes white china lavatory and water closet shipped with the booth, but not installed. No piping or plumbing is included. That work is handled on site by the owner’s mechanical or plumbing contractor. Amenities in the security booth with restroom usually include a mirror, a paper towel dispenser, a toilet paper holder, exhaust fan, water heater, and a GFCI outlet. A partition wall and a sliding door are also included for privacy.