As they are exposed to the elements 24/7, Mardan guard booths, security booths, parking booths and ticket booths require some minimal maintenance. Additionally, wear and tear due to daily usage and occasional exposure to harsh weather (rain, snow, wind, sun and even hurricane) can lead to deterioration of the door rollers, weather stripping, any sliding windows and any outside light fixtures or electrical outlets.

Also, the roof coating should be looked at to ensure there are no holes or tears in the top membrane and the customer needs to check to make sure there is no debris or accumulated leaves blocking the roof drain scupper which could possibly lead to water ponding on the roof.

Before winter, Mardan Fabrication suggests a check of the weather stripping on the hinged or sliding doors of your guard booth, security booth, parking booth or ticket booth as well as any sliding windows within your booth. Proper lubrication and cleaning is important to the longevity of the movable parts of your booth. Mardan Fabrication can source you replacement materials, and can also provide tips for maintaining sliding doors or sliding windows.

Mardan Fabrication recommends you have an electrician check out the proper workings of your outlets, lights and HVAC devices on a semi annual basis, too.