When you are faced with the decision of of choosing the most appropriate glazing for your new security booth or guardhouse, the things that need to be considered are security, visibility, climate control, economy and sometimes even sound reduction. Typically, Mardan guard booth glazing options include tempered glass, different make ups of laminated glass, standard insulated glass and high performance Low E insulated glass. In this article, we will discuss some of the more common reasons for choosing a particular kind of glass for the windows in your guard booth.

The tempered glass that is standard in Mardan prefabricated portable guard booths is stronger and more resistant to breakage than cheaper annealed glass, and if it does break, tempered glass is designed to shatter into hundreds of small pieces that are far less likely to cause injury or damage than the shards commonly found when non-tempered glass breaks.

Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glazing material for a prefab guard booth. The make-up of laminated glass allows it to stay together, and keeps it from shattering apart or creating dangerous shards. Thus, laminated glass is harder to break and provides greater protection against accidental injury, burglars’ attempted break-ins, and even severe weather conditions. In some coastal areas, such as those found in Florida and Texas, hurricane resistant construction (also known as “storm glass”) is required for safety concerns, such as wind borne debris, and the laminated glass option
for a guard booth will satisfy the building code. In addition, when combined with a Low E insulated glass, this type of glazing can meet energy codes, block out high percentages of the UV-light transmission, and can also be helpful in providing sound reduction.

Which type of glass is best for your guard booth? For economy and standard strength and break-resistance, tempered glass is the right choice for your security booth. You can also specify a wide variety of tint colors for tinted glass. If you need a higher level of security, storm protection, smash and grab resistance, and some sound reduction, laminated glass is the right glazing material for your guard house. Going with an insulated glass make up is another choice when you want to keep your booth occupants as comfortable as possible and also to meet energy codes. All the previously mentioned types of glass are considered safety glazing materials for a prefab guard booth, and can be obtained in a variety of thicknesses, colors, tints or reflectiveness.