Guard Booth with a Sliding Door

Guard Booth with a Swing Door

Parking Booth with a Sliding Door

Car Wash Cashier Booth with a Swing Door

When determining the design for your guard booth, you may wonder which type and how many doors to use. The two main types used in security booths are sliding doors and swinging doors. To choose what is best for your location and to best fit in with the function of the security booth and the officers who staff it, the following factors should be considered:

  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Options

When considering accessibility, you need to factor in the location, how the booth will be situated relative to traffic and how the booth and it’s door(s) will be used. Sliding doors are typically used for high traffic volume entry lanes that require frequent interactions with vehicles as well as inspections. Also, sliding doors are mounted inside the booth and do not swing out into pedestrian or vehicular traffic, which is the primary reason Mardan buildings have sliding doors as standard. Additionally, a sliding door can be left open during peak volumes which allow the officer quicker access to visitors and therefore faster turnaround times. For lower traffic volumes and where there is more real estate for the booth, a swing door can be specified. Hydraulic closers offer a self-closing option which is nice for climate control.

Door widths are mandated by building codes and are most commonly 36″. If you can get a variance, or you need second service door in a guard booth, then 32″, 30″ or even a 28″ door can be used. Both sliding and swing doors include a lockset for securing the door. Doors are generally locked when the parking booth or guard house is left vacant, but there are also times when in the inside locking function comes in handy. There is a slight advantage weather wise for hinged doors since they have a tighter seal against precipitation, wind and temperatures. Swing doors also have additional locking options not available with sliding doors.

Besides the type and number of doors, there are a few other options. These include a sliding window versus the normal non operable window in the door, different glass sizes, a dutch door option, storefront style doors, numerous locking options, kick panels and different trims.

Choosing slide doors or swinging doors for your guard booth is a decision to be made based onyour own security, access and ergonomic considerations. For more information about how to choose the type of doors for your security booth, please call us or e-mail us at