Guard Booth Exterior Design

Guard Booth 15-061 with a Vinyl Wrapper

Mardan Fabrication guard booths are all portable, prefabricated and factory-assembled with pre finished white aluminum construction. While Mardan guard booths come with the standard white finish, for a more customized look, designers and owners can specify from a wide variety of colors to be applied. Mardan Fabrication utilizes an automotive style spray booth and professional finishers to prep and paint the exterior of the guard booths. Typically Mardan Fabrication will add the optional color to the exterior of the security booth and leave the interior the clean, bright standard white finish. The exterior color of the booth can be such that it complements surrounding buildings, or matches up with a company color scheme. Mardan Fabrication can also provide multiple paint colors to complement or contrast with the existing architecture.

Sometimes, a color is chosen to make the guard booth stand out, such as Safety Yellow or Safety Red. Also, directional signage or even plain text can be added as vinyl lettering.

For an even more elaborate design treatment, made possible with advances in graphics technology, once the booth is on site, your signage supplier could be tapped to add a vinyl wrapper that can further enhance the appearance.

Additionally, Mardan guard booths, ticket booths or information booths can be painted in the field. This can range from a simple one or two tone paint job to a totally customized appearance. For example, local artists can spruce up the guard booths with their artwork. For an example, local artists in Florida used acrylic waterbase paints to paint the exterior of the information booth shown here.

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