Guard Booth 18-036

When you design your facility’s next guard booth, the following three things need to be considered: size, style and options/features.

First, you need to determine what size guard booth will best suit your location. To do so, the following factors should to be considered:

  • how many security officers will staff the guard booth & how much equipment is needed
  • duty hours of the security personnel in the security booth
  • the size of the traffic island (what will fit?)
  • Is there traffic on one side or both sides?
  • level of security needed for the surrounding buildings, traffic volume and value of protected items

Secondly, you need to determine which guard booth style you prefer. Mardan Fabrication provides several styles gtom which to choose. Our architectural guard booth designs can vary from the basic rectangular shaped guard booth all the way up to a elaborate ticket booth with a hip style standing seam roof.

  • rectangular shaped “Vista Series”
  • round ended “Omni Series”
  • colonial appearance “Diplomat Series”
  • dozens of custom designs

Thirdly, options and features should be taken into consideration to supply additional function and comfort for your security personnel as well as increasing the security level. Some of the common options for guard booths include the following:

  • restrooms
  • air conditioners and heaters
  • storage closets, telecom and date closets
  • tinted and/or insulated glass
  • exterior flood lights
  • finish flooring
  • additional convenience outlets
  • additional countertop space
  • extended roof overhangs

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