We recommend you to clean the painted surfaces of your Mardan guard booth regularly, especially to keep
the brand-new appearance. This article will help you with the care and cleaning your guard booth’s
painted surfaces.

Dirt and Other Surface Contaminants

As with any outdoor article, occasional cleaning is suggested and desirable. A simple
solution of detergent in warm water is the best way to maintain the like-new appearance.
Detergents like Tide with less than 0.5% phosphate can be mixed at one cup per five gallons
of water. Clean the walls, doors and roof fascia panels with a sponge, soft cloth, or rag style mop, rinsing
immediately. Although the paint will resist most mild cleaners and the fresh water rinse, take care not
to scratch the painted surfaces. Another tip: wet the surface before you begin cleaning.


All paints exposed to direct sunlight will slowly degrade over time, losing gloss and leaving a
powdery chalk residue if not properly maintained. Rain and weather conditions will typically
clean up the loose particles, but if build up persists, chalk can be removed using the same
methods and materials described above. Be sure to rinse well and protect concrete and other