How to install a guard booth

How to Install a Guard Booth

Mardan Fabrication builds and ships your ready to install guard booth, security booth, parking booth, ticket booth, operator shelter, or custom guard booth to meet all your special requirements. All Mardan Fabrication booths are prefabricated and are shipped ready for installation. Mardan guard booths are preassembled with a welded aluminum fork liftable base, and there there are other specialized options to allow for crane lifting for installation on an elevated position. This page shows you how to install a standard guard booth from the truck to your concrete pad.

Guard Booths Shipping

Guard Booths Shipping

Mardan guard booths are shipped on wood skids, to allow for easier fork lifting. Once the guard booth is off-loaded with a forklift, remove the dunnage and set the booth in place over the stub-ups/rough-ins on the flat and level concrete pad. The concrete pad doesn’t require any embeds. Once the booth is set in place, check for levelness, make sure all doors of the guard booth operate smoothly. Shim the booth if necessary, then anchor the booth with wedge- type expansion bolts at the anchor clips that we provide. Fill any gaps between the bottom of the guard booth and the concrete with a butyl-type sealant, and then caulk around the entire perimeter.

Once electric service to the booth’s circuit breaker panel is connected, your guard booth, security booth, parking booth or ticket booth is ready to use. To learn more about Mardan guard booths, email us at or call us at 1-800-882-5820.