How to offload a Mardan Guard Booth

Shipment of the Mardan guard booth is coordinated between the factory, the trucking company and the customer’s appointed receiver so there are no delays once the aluminum security booth is shipped out. This communication ahead of time allows for the proper equipment to be ready during the time of the delivery window.

When your Mardan guard booth arrives, it is simplest to slide the tines of the forklift truck beneath the booth. Mardan guardhouses are shipped with wood skids to enable offloading without a lot of stress. Some fork lift operators may want to raise the booth a bit higher than the factory skids as shown here by adding more wood dunnage.

You’ll want to use some padding or cushioning between the guard booth and the load backrest of the fork lift to protect the booth’s finish and to prevent dings and dents.

The Mardan guard booth has a welded aluminum base which is perfectly suited for handling with a fork lift truck. Once the guard booth is completely on the forks and secure, the fork lift truck operator will lift it clear of the truck trailer and then back away from the truck. Of course before doing this, you’ll want to make sure the area around the truck and the installation slab are clear of vehicles, construction materials and people so the fork lift does not have to make any sudden stops.

With a clear path to the concrete slab, the cautious fork truck operator will lower the booth to just above the ground and then maneuver the booth slowly to the prepared slab and set it down gently over the top of the utility stub ups. Once the booth is in the proper place, the offloading process is over. Bolting the guard booth down and hooking the electric up are the last steps in installation and are generally coordinated by the owner or their contractor.