All Mardan Fabrication guard booths are prefabricated with a welded aluminum fork-liftable base and are shipped ready for installation. This page shows you how a standard guard booth is delivered to your location.

Mardan buildings are built to order, are fully factory-assembled and ship out on a flatbed truck to locations throughout the United States. When the truck arrives at the job site, it is the customer’s responsibility to have a forklift to offload the guard booth from the truck and set in place. Mardan guard booths are shipped on wood skids or blocks, to allow for easier fork-lifting. Typically, Mardan coordinates the trucking arrangements between the freight haulers and the receivers.

For booths less than 8’ wide:

Insert the forks a short distance under the booth.

how to offload a guard booth

Once your fork lifts are under the booth, lift the booth a small amount and place some dunnage (blocks) to allow the forks to slide all the way under the booth for maximum lift. Be careful the forklift mast does not hit the roof overhang.

how to offload a guard booth with dunnage

Once under the booth, lift load and position for proper balance during offloading and placement.  Prior to the final positioning, remove the skids from the bottom of the booth.