Guard Booth Annual Inspection

Mardan Fabrication guard booths, security booths, parking booths, operator shelters and other guard booth applications are built by craftsmen using high quality, long lasting materials and are designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance. But just like anything else, a little TLC is required to make sure the booth is working at maximum efficiency and functioning properly. Monthly, semi-annual, annual, and after major storm inspections should occur. First and foremost, keep all excess dirt, debris and standing water away from the booth. You should clean the glass regularly and clean the air filter in the A/C unit. Also, after prolonged occupations, the electrical system should be checked out to make sure all outlets, switches and lights are operational. Circuit breaker panel should be checked to make sure circuit identification placard is still in place.

Semi-annual inspections should include checking the doors to make sure that they are sliding or swinging properly and adjust accordingly. Check the weather stripping to make sure there is a proper seal on the door. Check the sealant around the wall panels and windows to make sure no gaps have formed. If the caulk has been damaged by vandalism or neglect, repair/replace as needed. Even though the booth is manufactured out of aluminum and doesn’t rust or oxidize, check the fasteners on the weather strip to make sure they haven’t been compromised. If they have, remove and replace them. That is on an as needed basis. Finally, an annual inspection of the roof should occur to make sure that it is clear of leaves or other debris, no water is ponding, and that the roof coating is intact. Should the roof coating have any issues, please contact the factory to inquire about which coating should be purchased and applied.