Parking Booth

Mardan Fabrication builds high quality, good looking parking booths that last for years and years in any location. The solid and corrosion resistant aluminum construction helps Mardan Fabrication parking booths battle physical abuse and environmental conditions while keeping your personnel secure, comfortable and productive. Mardan Fabrication prefabricated aluminum buildings withstand adversity and remain looking good for a long time, even with little or no maintenance. Mardan Fabrication parking booths are durable and a great value as they are delivered complete with insulation, windows, doors and electric.

Once you’ve determined you need a parking booth; you may simply select a standard design, choose a standard floor plan and modify it to suit your needs, or go with an entirely custom design. Standard or custom layouts and features are no problem as all Mardan Fabrication parking booths are built to order. Your booth can include both functional and architectural enhancements. Equipment for increased transaction security is very common in a parking booth. Meanwhile, exteriors, roof designs and painting options can satisfy the need to blend in with surrounding architecture.