Airport Security Booth

Mardan Fabrication provides a prefabricated and high quality aluminum airport security booth or guard booth for a security checkpoint. The benefits of having an aluminum prefab security booth for an airfield checkpoint include low maintenance due to the corrosion resistance of the prefinished aluminum and that downtime is reduced with the elimination of site construction issues with trades and the weather, since Mardan’s prefab security booths are pre-engineered and pre-assembled within the climate controlled setting of our factory. Common features and options for an airport security booth include sliding doors, restrooms, low e insulated impact resistant glass and plastic laminate counter-tops. The addition of wall mounted HVAC will keep your security officers comfortable and working at optimum performance levels. Mardan Fabrication airport security booths can have a very basic appearance or can incorporate architectural enhancements to suit the airport location or the surrounding architecture. Mardan Fabrication airport security booths are built to order, long-lasting, portable and good looking.