Ticket Booth

If you are looking for a durable, aluminum ticket booth for your business more than steel ticket booths, look no further. Mardan Fabrication offers strong aluminum ticket booths that will last through tough weather conditions while providing a solid structure and doors to ensure safety to your building.

These portable, prefabricated ticket booths, also known as prefab ticket booths or portable ticket booths allow for easy installation and are simple to move from one location to the next if necessary. Every aluminum ticket booth is delivered with a welded base, a.125” tubular aluminum tube frame, aluminum constructed high security door, and 1/4″ tempered safety glass. These standard features, along with many others, ensure that your ticket booth will last for years to come.

Our custom design options allow for you to personalize your own ticket booth and make it specific to what best fits your needs. These options include varied roof shapes, flooring material, window styles, glass types, and more. We also offer a wide-range of accessories including locking cash drawer, custom cabinetry, exterior counters, along with many others.

Mardan Fabrication can deliver the great looking and functional ticket booth that is perfect for your facility. For more information on our ticket booths, offerings and what Mardan Fabrication can do for you and your facility, call (800) 882-5820.

Marfan Fabrication provides a ticket booth used to shelter personnel. Mardan ticket booths are durable aluminum prefab booths.