Toll Booth

Mardan Fabrication provides the highest quality toll booths on the market to suit your application. This is an engineered aluminum booth system that can withstand high winds and even hurricanes! Popular uses include a single point revenue toll booth, a multi toll booth plaza, or even portable toll booths on a beach. Mardan Fabrication toll booths last for years and years in any location. Mardan Fabrication toll booths are solid, corrosion resistant aluminum construction, which allows Mardan toll booths to withstand both physical abuse and environmental conditions. Our prefabricated aluminum toll booths can withstand adversity and remain looking good for a long time with little or no maintenance while keeping your personnel secure and comfortable. Mardan Fabrication’s pre-finished aluminum toll booths are factory assembled with standard color white with other colors optional. Mardan booths have factory-installed electrical systems, doors, and windows. For collection of tolls or entry fees, a Mardan Fabrication toll booth can include exterior lighting, Dutch doors, transaction windows, money drawers, floor safes, preps for cameras, revenue control wiring raceways and more. Mardan Fabrication toll booths are long-lasting, durable and a great value.