Valet Booth

Having a valet booth, also known as valet parking booth, for a business such as a restaurant, hotel or casino allows customers to get in and out of the property quickly and easily. Mardan Fabrication builds a prefabricated aluminum valet booth that can be placed right in the drive lane so that the incoming customers are greeted and taken care of immediately. Mardan Fabrication valet booths are all manufactured out of pre-finished, heavy duty aluminum construction. Further, Mardan valet parking booths all come with pre-wired electrical packages as well. These valet booths are also equipped with a counter-top for workspace, aluminum treadplate floor, duplex outlet and light with wall switch. The valet booths can be manufactured with solid upper wall panels so key racks can be installed in order to make the process quick and easy. Options include different types of glass, sliding windows, air conditioning, heat, cash drawers, larger roof overhangs or peaked roofs, and paint color options. The valet parking booth sizes can range from 3′ x 5′ to 12′ x 20′. Mardan valet booths are shipped to the location ready to put in place and use.