Cashier Booth

Cashier booths are used in many settings, from car washes, to parks and
marinas, to airports and tourist attractions. Mardan Fabrication offers
control booths with a variety of styles and many sizes. Mardan Fabrication
cashier booth can meet any organization’s need for an enclosure to shelter
the employee responsible for the all important revenue collection stream. A
Mardan Fabrication control booth can withstand the roughest storm and
resists corrosion. The use of aluminum construction is quite advantageous in
coastal regions, since the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or
deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and salt spray. In
addition, the aluminum structure is durable and weather-tight even in low
temperatures, which means that it suits colder climates, as well.

Additionally, Mardan Fabrication pre finished aluminum cashier booths are
easy to clean and maintain. and the low-weight prefabricated aluminum
construction allows for Mardan Fabrication cashier booths to be moved easily
by forklift. You and your employees will enjoy the quality and comfort our
prefab aluminum booths provide with minimal maintenance.

This engineered, portable aluminum cashier booth design has a proven record for protecting your employees while they perform the revenue collection function. Contact Mardan Fabrication for more information on standard features, specifications and delivery times for cashier booths.