For the month of June, Mardan Fabrication has selected this service writer booth purchased by Planet Dodge. Planet Dodge has been overrun with customers, which is obviously a wonderful thing, but they needed to come up with a solution to better expedite the customer experience. They didn’t have the ability to remodel the existing building so they decided to go with our prefabricated aluminum service writer booth, one of our guard booth applications. This particular service booth has two workstations allowing for two service advisors to be in the drive lane at all times for incoming customers. Each workstation has a plastic laminate counter, double duplex receptacle and light fixture. The customer requested to have the exterior of the booth painted in two colors to match the existing building and the unit has a roof-mounted A/C system. The service writer booth arrive onsite pre-wired and pre-finished. This allows for a quick and easy installation for the dealership so they don’t have to disrupt the normal flow of business.