Aluminum Shelters

aluminum shelter

Mardan Fabrication provides high quality aluminum shelters with a variety of design options and features. You can design an aluminum shelter that is ideal for any situation. Mardan Fabrication wants to help you find the perfect aluminum shelter. Below are the specifications for all of the aluminum shelters Mardan Fabrication offers.

STRUCTURAL FRAME: Vertical and horizontal intermediate framing members to be extruded .125″ wall aluminum tube, reinforced, and mechanically fastened with concealed zinc galvanized fasteners.

FINISH: Prefinished white standard.

ROOF: Shall be 1-1/2″ thick composite roof panel with white .032 pre-finished aluminum sheet top and bottom and rigid insulation (R-9) between cavity. Optional roof to be 1/8″ clear acrylic dome, heat formed and mechanically fastened to roof frame.

ANCHORING: Pre drilled steel anchoring points shall be provided for anchorage to concrete slab with wedge-type anchors.

GLAZING: All glazing shall be 1/4″ tempered safety glass set in extruded aluminum frames. Glazing shall be specified clear, gray or bronze tint.

INSTALLATION: Anchoring system complete per final accepted shop drawings and in full accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Minor adjustments to the shelter may be required at time of installation, due to possible variances and irregularities in poured concrete slab. Electrical rough-in in concrete slab to be coordinated with the aluminum shelter manufacturer.